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Casey Kasem's death marred by family feud

Ohio residents were recently saddened to learn of the death of the legendary Casey Kasem. Many can likely recall listening to Kasem's smooth and calming voice as he counted down the weekly top 40 hits and read listeners' touching letters and dedications. More recently, details surrounding Kasem's final months read more like the script of a Hollywood drama in which his second wife and three children from his first marriage battled for control over and access to the radio legend.

Brother accuses siblings of cheating him out of inheritance

Disputes and feuds between family members may arise for a number of reasons. Long-standing feuds between siblings may have spawned from jealousy and competition experienced during childhood. In some cases, siblings are never able to mend the wounds of these childhood disputes. Feelings of animosity may only grow and intensify when a parent dies and siblings are left to sort our estate and probate matters.

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