We Will Help You Protect Your Loved Ones From Physical And Financial Abuse

When you suspect that your parent or another elderly loved one is being taken advantage of, a quick and effective response is what is required to secure their physical safety and prevent the further depletion of their estate. We understand the need for haste and are experienced in taking fast, effective action to help the elderly or otherwise vulnerable people reach a safe place.

If your loved one is currently under a court guardianship, you may suspect that the guardian is transferring financial assets to themselves. In that case, we have the experience in asking the court to remove the guardian and appoint someone who is trustworthy.

At Zigray Law Office, LLC, in the Toledo area, we can investigate if a guardian is operating inappropriately or help establish a guardianship for your parent or another loved one whose safety or financial well-being you are concerned for. Call 419-794-1044 or contact us online to speak with an attorney about how we can help. We are available to help people throughout the state of Ohio.

Adult Guardianship As A Solution To Elder Abuse

Is a sibling or relative the main caregiver for your parent or another elderly adult who may be in need of care? Have you been disturbed by the quality of care he or she has been receiving? Have you noticed financial irregularities, inadequate physical care or anything else that appears to be suspicious? For example:

  • Is contact with the adult in need of care being controlled or limited?
  • Is the home being kept properly?
  • Does it appear that the adult’s physical needs are being met?
  • Is he or she being fed?
  • Is he or she properly hydrated?
  • Is he or she clean?
  • Are visible assets such as collectibles and other valuables present?
  • Has the caregiver made any purchases for himself or herself that seem outside of his or her financial means?

No matter what is causing your concerns, we can help you find answers and bring your loved one to a place where their physical needs are being met and their estate is secure.

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When immediate action is required to ensure the safety of your vulnerable loved one, we can help you respond appropriately. Call our law firm at 419-794-1044 or contact us online to speak with an experienced lawyer who can help you establish a guardianship to help your loved one.