We Represent Heirs In Family Farm Inheritance Disputes

Family farms are very valuable and unique assets. The value and emotional importance of a family farm cannot be overstated. The land itself, crops, rental agreements, stock, heavy machinery, barns and other buildings, including the family home, can easily comprise the vast majority of the financial worth of an estate. Adding to that, of course, can be the emotional attachment you may feel to your family’s farm.

Situations may arise where a single child who has been helping run the family farm inherits it completely. No matter the situation, if you were excluded from inheriting a portion of your family’s farm, you should have clear answers as to whether or not that represented your parents’ true wishes. If it didn’t, if there are questions of undue influence, lack of mental competency or some other issue, we can use our years of experience in probate litigation matters to investigate your farm inheritance questions.

We Know What Is Important When Deciding Farm Inheritance Issues

Investigating farm inheritance issues can be done via will contest, trust contest or looking into a predeath gift or deed transfer that may have not included you as a beneficiary of the land. We have over two decades of legal foundation and focus on probate litigation, with the experience and the related investigative skills necessary to succeed at helping people like you.

Our experience also allows our lawyer to ask the right questions when a family farm inheritance is at stake:

  • What do you do with the crops on the ground right now?
  • Who will keep farming while this dispute is settled?
  • Should the farmland be sold, and what is its value?
  • Who is responsible for making financial decisions for the farm?

There are a number of factors that are unique to settling a farm inheritance dispute. We know how to pursue your goals while being mindful of those concerns. No one wants to harm the healthy operation of the farm while these questions are settled.

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