Probate Guidance For Modern Families

Every family is unique, and modern families rarely resemble the image of a mother, father and 2.5 children that has dominated discussions of estates and probate in the past. Divorce, remarriage, adoption and cohabitation are part of many families. While these realities are common, they may require special consideration in inheritance disputes and probate litigation.

On average, members of blended families make up more than half of our clients at Zigray Law Office, LLC. We have guided individuals and families throughout Ohio through complex inheritance litigation for more than 20 years. Probate litigation, including will contests and trust contests, is all we do, and our clients benefit from our focus.

Some examples of disputes that can arise in blended families include:

  • A deceased person may have left their entire estate to their spouse, expecting their spouse to distribute assets to the deceased person’s children from a previous marriage. However, if those wishes are not made in writing, the children may have to litigate.
  • The deceased person may have changed a will or trust to unfairly benefit one child or spouse, perhaps under undue influence from another.
  • Disputes may arise over prenuptial and postnuptial/antenuptial agreements between spouses. If someone has failed to disclose assets or honor an existing agreement, it may be necessary to protect your interests in court.

If you have concerns that you were wrongly excluded from a will or trust, or that you are being denied your fair share of an inheritance, it is wise to contact a knowledgeable attorney for help as soon as possible. At Zigray Law Office, LLC, we have guided clients through inheritance disputes for decades. We know the complex rules of probate in Ohio, and we are here to help you understand how they can work for you.

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