Clarifying The Terms Of A Disputed Or Ambiguous Will Or Trust

Are you faced with a term in a will or trust that people disagree about the meaning of? Are battle lines being drawn around particular interpretations of a part of the will or trust? Is an issue such as the Ohio anti-lapse statute being discussed? Do you feel people may be acting dishonestly in pushing for a particular interpretation because they stand to benefit from it?

If you are in a situation where you are facing a will or trust term that raises more questions than it answers, the only real avenue for resolution is to ask a judge to rule on the issue. Trust construction and will construction cases allow a judge to review the trust or will in question and issue a ruling on the construction of the term.

Get Answers To Your Will And Trust Construction Questions

Do you believe the term in question means something other than what the other heirs or beneficiaries believe? Don’t feel pressured to simply go along with what you feel might not be right. Asking a judge to give his or her interpretation of an ambiguous or contradictory term can give everyone involved greater peace of mind that they are honoring the true intentions of the testator or trust grantor.

At Zigray Law Office, LLC, we utilize over 25 years of legal experience and over two decades of probate litigation-focused experience to help our clients resolve disputes regarding terms in a will or trust. If a will contest, trust contest, or will or trust reformation is necessary to achieve the original intent of the instrument, we can pursue those options in court. Our experienced probate litigation attorney can help create solutions from uncertainty.

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