Zigray Law Office, LLC: Practicing Exclusively In Probate Litigation For Over Three Decades

Has a will or trust been changed or written “unfairly” to exclude natural beneficiaries? Has a loved one recently passed and there are questions regarding gifts that were made before he or she passed? Are there any missing assets? Is a loved one in need of financial guidance and care, and you have concerns regarding the behavior of the family member or another person who is acting as a caregiver?

When family matters have significant legal and financial ramifications, it is essential to work with an attorney who can protect your best interests. Zigray Law Office, LLC, can help. Let our firm assist you in your inheritance dispute. Call 419-794-1044.

Probate Litigation Is All We Do

Many law firms practice probate litigation as a part of their general practice, but we focus all of our resources on assisting people with probate disputes throughout Ohio. Our exclusive focus on probate litigation and inheritance disputes has allowed us to develop the investigation and trial skills necessary to be successful for our clients in this complex and unique area of law.

This trial experience allows us to present a very strong case during mediation and settlement talks, increasing the likelihood of reaching your goals sooner and with less stress than trial. If a trial is necessary, we are always fully prepared.

We were referred to Dan Zigray by one of his peers and he came highly recommended. We quickly found Dan to be someone we were comfortable with in handling our case… He educated us to help us make a proper and constructive decision for everyone involved directing us to the best possible outcome.” — Alicia, a former client

Will disputes, trust disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, claims against an estate and other conflicts that can come during the administration of an estate are upsetting. These legal problems often pit family members against each other. We have the experience to help you through these difficult times and can relieve the burdens that come with the uncertainty of what you should do when faced with these situations.

When facing a possible will contest or other forms of will dispute or estate-related questions, you should always be aware that litigation may be necessary in the end. Our experience in litigation ensures that our clients can move quickly from analysis of their problem to solutions that work.

Meet Our Lawyer

Our principal attorney, Daniel Zigray, has more than 25 years of legal experience. In that time, he has  developed a deep knowledge of probate litigation and Ohio’s courts. Even more importantly, he has learned first-hand how to help people cut through the emotional turmoil and questions that can surround the way an estate dispute is handled. To learn more about Mr. Zigray’s skills and experience, please refer to his biography linked below.

Contact Us

To speak with an experienced probate litigation lawyer at Zigray Law Office, LLC, call 419-794-1044 or contact us online. Our office is located in the Toledo area, and we handle probate disputes throughout the state of Ohio. We offer contingent-fee structures in most cases and free in-home initial consultations.