Disputes About Business Succession In Probate

Issues surrounding the inheritance of a family business can be some of the most difficult for heirs. Business succession disputes involve family ties, significant assets, legacies and the fruits of a loved one’s labor — all of which can make these matters tense and emotional.

At Zigray Law Office, LLC, we offer clients experienced support and guidance as they navigate these complex matters. We have helped many clients bring their deceased loved one’s intentions to light and enforce them. Our decades of background in probate litigation allow us to advocate authoritatively for our clients’ interests, whether in the courtroom or the board room.

Navigating Disagreements Over Business Succession

Many heirs feel strong financial or emotional ties to family businesses. When the sole owner or a key executive passes away, those who remain often have strong feelings about the proper course of action, particularly if the deceased person’s business succession plan leaves questions unanswered. Some heirs may wish to prioritize the health and unity of the business, while others believe a sale to a third party is more appropriate.

Common issues that arise include:

  • Determining the value of the business
  • Assessing the financial needs of family members vs. nonfamily partners
  • Identifying what contracts and agreements in place may govern the future of the business
  • Evaluating which parties have played a role in the development or growth of the business

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