Do You Believe Assets Are Being Concealed And Inheritance Withheld?

Are you at all unclear about what assets constitute the estate of a loved one? Do you believe that you may possess a claim against the estate – this claim may be for a debt owed to you or for services you provided to the deceased. If there is any question, a concealment of asset action is the tool to identify any questioned assets and determine if they should be considered as part of the estate.

Concealment Of Asset Actions Can Become Necessary If:

  • Monetary assets are hidden
  • Business assets are concealed
  • A family member takes a part of the estate (e.g., furniture, collectibles)
  • There is a failure to disclose an asset by the estate executor

Attorney Daniel Zigray has over two decades of legal experience and many years of using proven probate litigation skills in will contests, trust contests and all the related probate litigation areas to help people who have questions, concerns or grievances to address regarding the estate of a loved one. We are also aware that litigation is not the only tool to resolve these types of disputes due to the complicated nature of family relations. We remain sensitive to these issues and can negotiate for the return of assets if that is your preference. We will leave the ultimate decision regarding these issues to you.

Zigray Law Office, LLC, is based in the Toledo area and offers representation to clients throughout Ohio. Contingency fee arrangements are available as well as free in-home initial consultations.

We Practice Inheritance Enforcement

Sometimes the problem isn’t identifying the assets that comprise the estate, rather the problem is just getting the executor or trustee to deliver what they rightfully should. Do you believe a trustee or executor is withholding an inheritance that is rightfully yours?

When the duties of an executor or trustee are not being met, we can help enforce those duties and the delivery of the specific assets or funds that are required. Various reasons can exist for a delayed transfer of inherited assets. A trustee may feel that the transfer in question does not follow the terms of the trust.

Our skill and many years of experience in negotiating the delivery of full inheritance can help you avoid the strife of possibly prolonged or rancorous litigation.

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