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Keeping secrets in light of terminal illnesses

There is no one way to cope with a fatal illness diagnosis; whether a person is given weeks or a few years to live, the way he or she responds is intensely personal. Some people, like iconic comedian and actor Gene Wilder, choose to keep their prognosis quiet for a number of reasons. This thoughtful article in The Washington Post examined some of the celebrities who have recently died from illnesses that were largely unknown to the public.

Prince estate to open Paisley Park as a Graceland-like museum

When a person dies without a will, it is not necessary for the estate to be enormous to have disputes among family members arise. However, as the estate increases in value, the likelihood of probate litigation will obviously increase. In Ohio, tensions over oil rights, a family farm, business interests and intellectual property can be common in probate court.

How the courts assess claims to an inheritance

A few months ago, we wrote a blog post discussing some of the serious problems that were likely to arise in the wake of legendary musician Prince's unexpected death. One of the main complications that presented itself early on was the fact that Prince did not have a will and several people were expected to come forward seeking a portion of his estate.

Factors that are considered when a guardian is appointed

Deciding who you want to take care of you and your personal affairs in the event that you can no longer do so can be very difficult. Many people feel uncomfortable thinking about such topics and also find it a challenge to bring them up with loved ones. Because of this, people put off these decisions.

Think you're too young for a will? 4 questions to consider first

Any unexpected death is undoubtedly tragic and devastating for the friends and families who are left to cope with that sudden loss. Ideally, a person will have drafted a will or put together a comprehensive estate plan to direct people through this difficult time, but this doesn't always happen.

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