Brother accuses siblings of cheating him out of inheritance

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Disputes and feuds between family members may arise for a number of reasons. Long-standing feuds between siblings may have spawned from jealousy and competition experienced during childhood. In some cases, siblings are never able to mend the wounds of these childhood disputes. Feelings of animosity may only grow and intensify when a parent dies and siblings are left to sort our estate and probate matters.

Parents in Ohio are likely familiar with the baby product brand Nuby which manufactures and sells bottles, sippy cups and numerous other baby products. The Nuby brand is a subsidiary of a company known as Luv N Care which is owned and operated by two wealthy brothers. These two brothers, also have an older brother who is not part of the company.

More than five years ago, the brothers’ mother passed away. One of the well-off brothers, who is also a principle at Luv N Care, was named the executor of his mother’s estate. As executor, it was the brother’s responsibility to essentially manage the estate to ensure existing debts and estate taxes were paid. Once outstanding financial matters related to an estate are resolved, an executor is responsible for distributing any remaining property and belongings.

The eldest brother recently filed a lawsuit against the two younger brothers along with an auctioneer who he contends worked together to ensure he would not receive his share of the inheritance. The defendants are accused of price-rigging the estate auction and subsequently paying pennies on the dollar for their mother’s valuable personal possessions.

Additionally, the lawsuit contends the brother named as the estate’s executor breached his fiduciary duty by engaging in deceptive practices and intentionally prolonging the succession of his mother’s estate which is still pending.

This case illustrates some of the types of the problems and issues that may arise in the wake of a parent’s death. In cases where one sibling believes one or more other siblings took steps to interfere with an inheritance, it’s wise to discuss the case with an attorney who handles estate disputes and probate litigation.

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