Late doctor’s multi-million dollar estate at center of inheritance dispute

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The estate and fortune of a doctor who devoted his life to helping people feel better about their appearances is currently being disputed in an inheritance lawsuit. At the center of the lawsuit, is the will of the late Dr. Richard Grossman, a famed plastic surgeon renowned for his work with helping burn victims.

The 81-year-old died last spring and was survived by his fourth wife, Elizabeth, and his only two children, Jeffrey and Peter. The lawsuit was filed by Jeffrey and Peter Grossman who accuse Elizabeth Grossman of taking advantage of their father who was believed to suffer from dementia and impaired judgment.

Prior to 2012, Richard Grossman’s will left the vast majority of his multi-million dollar fortunate and estate to his two sons. However, in 2012, Grossman amended his will to omit his children and leave everything to his fourth wife. Grossman’s sons assert their father began exhibiting signs of dementia and memory loss as early as 2010. They believe, therefore, that his fourth wife intentionally took advantage of his diminished mental capacity and used undue influence to coerce their father into amending his will in 2012.

In response, Elizabeth Grossman refutes the claims of her late husband’s sons and contends his acts to omit his sons were his true and intentional wishes. Prior to marrying her husband, Elizabeth Grossman was a successful business woman whose own fortune exceeded that of her now late husband.

Cases involving inheritance disputes and will contests are often highly emotional and contentious. While many individuals who choose to dispute an inheritance or contest a will aren’t millionaires, they have a strong desire to ensure the wishes of a loved one are respected and carried out. 

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