Conservatorship to protect loved ones from self-destruction

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Many Americans have likely seen the recent headlines related to the odd behavior and inappropriate antics of former child Nickelodian star Amanda Bynes. While previously best-known for her roles on several kids shows, Bynes has gained recent fame for her erratic behavior and bizzare antics. 

The 27-year-old former child star recently gained access to a large portion of the millions of dollars previously held in a trust. Since this time, the actress has been arrested for drunk driving as well as two hit-and-run accidents. What’s more, Bynes has engaged in a very public and self destructive Twitter campaign in which the starlet has posed naked photographs and disturbing comments. 

While some in the media are quick to speculate that such rants are part of a publicity scheme, many of Bynes’ friends and former colleagues are concerned for the young actress’s life. It’s been widely reported she has a drinking problem as well as a drug problem and her erratic behavior has definitely endangered both her life and those of others.

While Bynes’ family has been shy to comment on their loved one’s recent behavior, many believe they should take steps to establish a conservatorship. Through the process of establishing a conservatorship, a trustee would be appointed to manage the young actresses’ financial affairs. In order to have an involuntary conservatorship established, Bynes’ family would need to prove that she is unable to manage her wealth and that she is a threat to herself.

While it’s unclear whether Bynes’ family will pursue an involuntary conservatorship through the probate court, such a move may be an effective means to essentially protecting Bynes from her self-destructive ways while she obtains help. Ohio families who are struggling with a similar situation related to alcoholism, drug abuse or mental health issues would be wise to discuss their legal options with an attorney.

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