Bobbi Kristina’s estate heads to court as her condition declines

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As Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition continues to decline, her estate is becoming embroiled in a couple of lawsuits and a criminal investigation. The 22-year-old daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston has been in a coma for the past five months. She was the sole heir of her mother’s estate — roughly $20 million — in spite of Houston’s unusual relationship with “secret son” Nick Gordon.

Gordon’s relationship with Bobbi Kristina has been a source of discussion, if not contention, since Houston’s death. At various times he was the young woman’s brother, then her boyfriend and, finally, her husband. (There is no record of a marriage.) According to a lawsuit filed by the court-appointed conservator of Bobbi Kristina’s estate, Gordon’s role in her life became more important as she received larger portions of her inheritance.

The lawsuit accuses Gordon of manipulating Bobbi Kristina and her money. Since well before the accident, the complaint says, he has regularly transferred money from her account to his, as much as $11,000 while she has been hospitalized.

Perhaps the most disturbing allegation is that Gordon regularly abused Bobbi Kristina, both physically and emotionally. When she was found in her bathtub, in fact, there was evidence of physical abuse. The incident is under investigation by the Fulton County (Georgia) prosecutor.

The second lawsuit was filed against Bobbi Kristina’s estate by a man who claims to have been injured in a car accident just a few days before she was found unconscious. This lawsuit claims that Bobbi Kristina’s negligence caused the head-on crash with the plaintiff’s vehicle. The police report blames a tire blowout. This suit also names her guardians as defendants.

Her father and her aunt were appointed as guardians of her person in May. Their role is to oversee her medical care. The court appointed an attorney as conservator of Bobbi Kristina’s estate. The conservator is responsible for legal matters involving both her estate and her legal rights.

No matter how you look at this situation, it is a tragedy. From the legal perspective, though, it shows how probate laws work to protect the interests of vulnerable adults. Bobbi Kristina cannot act on her own behalf, but someone has to.


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