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Probate Litigation Attorney Helping Clients Throughout Ohio

Toledo Area Probate Litigation Lawyer Serving Clients Throughout Ohio

Probate disputes can be devastating to the fabric of a family. Suspicions can grow when one family member has a closer relationship with the estate holder. Perhaps a will or trust has been changed to benefit a particular child. Perhaps that person has been given power of attorney before your loved one passed and was managing the estate's finances. Where are the expected assets now? Were any unusual gifts made before your loved one passed?

In fairness, and for your peace of mind, you need to know the answer to those questions. At The Zigray Law Office, LLC, we have over 20 years of legal experience with over a decade focused exclusively in probate litigation practice. We are based in the Toledo area and serve clients throughout Ohio. For the ease of those clients for whom travel is not convenient, we offer in-home consultations throughout the state.

We offer probate litigation representation in the following areas:

  • Will contests: Our firm's main focus is the challenging of wills. We also offer defense of a will challenge in certain circumstances.
  • Trust contests: A trust may be challenged in a manner similar to a will contest. Challenging the validity of a trust is another major focus of our firm.
  • Farm inheritance disputes: Farms are a major asset and many questions can arise from the passing of a farm. Our experience in identifying and settling those questions makes us the first choice for many heirs dealing with inheriting a farm or for challenging a will or trust that transfers a family farm.
  • Life-time gifts and transfer cases: Was a questionable transfer of an asset accomplished during someone's life through the giving of a gift, deed, or a change in designation as a beneficiary on an insurance policy or investment? We can effectively investigate the context of any such gift or transfer and we work toward reversing these transfers.
  • Concealment of assets/Inheritance enforcement: Has a family member, executor, or trustee hidden or taken estate assets? We can uncover the full scope of the estate.
  • Guardianships: Is a loved one being financially or physically taken advantage of? Is the estate being used to benefit a family member or care - taker who may be exerting undue influence? Often an elder financial abuse situation comes up in the investigation of a guardianship - our experience allows us to fully investigate and correct any such abuse.
  • Probate litigation: Because of the different rules of probate, many trial lawyers do not practice probate litigation. Most probate attorneys do not focus their practice in litigation. We have been involved in probate litigation representation for almost two decades and practice exclusively in this area of the law.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: Has someone with a power of attorney or a trustee or executor used their position for his or her own benefit rather than that of the loved one they are supposed to be caring for or the beneficiaries? We have the experience in determining if a fiduciary has "overstepped their bounds" and acted unlawfully.
  • Trust and will construction: When there is a question regarding a confusing term in a will or trust, we have knowledge and experience in how to go about asking a court to interpret that term. We can also assist in determining whether a bequest in a will is subject to the Ohio anti-lapse statute.

What will it cost? "Percentage-Based" Fee Structure

We are one of the few probate litigation firms in Ohio that offer a contingency fee basis representation rather than charging hourly fees - so we are paid a percentage of your recovery, and only if you obtain a recovery. Our experience and exclusive focus on probate litigation allow us to operate within this fee structure. Let our law firm take the risk out of pursuing a will or trust contest or any other variety of inheritance disputes with the contingency fee structure we offer. For most clients, you will not pay any attorney fees unless we recover in your case.

Contact us at The Zigray Law Office, LLC, to discuss your will or trust contest and any related issues. We are available to meet with clients anywhere in Ohio and welcome attorney referrals. Call 419-897-7999 or contact us online.