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Was a financial claim filed against your loved one's estate?

When your loved one dies, his or her estate will go through the probate process. If there's a will on file, after probate, the executor of the estate will distribute the assets according to the distribution plan laid out in the will. If there's no will on file, the assets will be divided according to Ohio intestacy laws.

What types of assets don't have to go through probate?

The time immediately following the loss of a loved one can be very difficult. Oftentimes the last thing anyone wants to do after such a loss is to care for legal concerns while also attempting to grieve and process. Because of this, some may want to relocate some of their assets into certain types of assets in order to reduce the amount of time their loved ones will have to spend in probate court following their death.

Challenging an Ohio will is one thing, defending one is another

Medicine is complicated art and science. So many things can go wrong with the individual systems that make up our human coil that areas of specialty have developed. Even general practitioners are specialists in their own way. They're usually focused on preventing health issues. Once someone in Ohio gets sick or hurt, though, they tend to need to go up the ladder for targeted care.

Obtaining legal help for contesting a will

When it comes to contesting wills, The Zigray Law Office, LLC, has been assisting Ohio residents for nearly 20 years. As probate attorneys, we work hard to find answers for those who believe that the will of a family member is not valid and does not express their loved one's true wishes.

When there are questions about the ability of an executor

The title of executor sounds impressive. It's more than an honorary moniker, however. If you've been asked to be the executor of a loved one's Ohio estate, or find yourself surprised at having been named as such, you might want to think twice about saying yes.

Common mistakes people make while handling probate alone

In an effort to save money, some executors under an Ohio testator's will opt for a do-it-yourself method to take on probate tasks. However, the process is complicated, and they could be held legally and financially responsible if they make any oversights or mistakes.

Can probate be avoided?

The days, weeks and months after a loved one passes away can be some of the most emotionally devastating for people who are left behind. Between the funeral planning and trying to figure out how to move forward, the last thing people typically want to do is spend their time in a courtroom proving the validity of a will and hashing out legal disputes, which is what happens in probate.

Keeping secrets in light of terminal illnesses

There is no one way to cope with a fatal illness diagnosis; whether a person is given weeks or a few years to live, the way he or she responds is intensely personal. Some people, like iconic comedian and actor Gene Wilder, choose to keep their prognosis quiet for a number of reasons. This thoughtful article in The Washington Post examined some of the celebrities who have recently died from illnesses that were largely unknown to the public.

How the courts assess claims to an inheritance

A few months ago, we wrote a blog post discussing some of the serious problems that were likely to arise in the wake of legendary musician Prince's unexpected death. One of the main complications that presented itself early on was the fact that Prince did not have a will and several people were expected to come forward seeking a portion of his estate.

Factors that are considered when a guardian is appointed

Deciding who you want to take care of you and your personal affairs in the event that you can no longer do so can be very difficult. Many people feel uncomfortable thinking about such topics and also find it a challenge to bring them up with loved ones. Because of this, people put off these decisions.

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