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Lawsuit accuses wife of fraud and undue influence prior to husband's death

A trial is set to get underway soon in which jurors will be asked to decide whether a 74-year-old woman is guilty of using undue influence and fraud to secure funds and assets from her 84-year-old dying husband. The probate lawsuit was filed by some of the 84-year-old man's surviving family members who contend their loved one's second wife took advantage of her husband's diminished health and capacity to transfer and secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets.

Men who used undue influence to gain woman's trust plead guilty

While difficult to fathom, there are those individuals among us who prey upon the elderly. In some cases, these individuals seek to exhort money and assets from unsuspecting older men and women who are made easy targets due to loneliness, dementia or failing health. In other cases, these unscrupulous individuals use undue influence and seek to coerce an elderly man or woman to name them as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy or write them into a will.

Common reasons for contesting a will

Death is something that all individuals, regardless of wealth and status, must one day face. When preparing for death and dealing with matters related to estate planning, some individuals unwisely take matters into their own hands or opt for shortcuts. Many specifics related to a will or trust, however, are complex which increases the likelihood that an error will occur that could result in unwanted and unforseen consequences.

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