What If There Are Multiple Wills When Someone Dies?

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Will Contests

Have you ever wondered what happens when multiple wills are involved after someone dies? It can be a complicated and confusing situation, especially for those left to sort out the deceased’s affairs. 

A will should outline a person’s wishes for the distribution of their assets, property and other belongings. This means that more than one will can create a legal conundrum, especially when the two documents have contradictory directives. If this is your family’s current predicament, this article will provide much-needed enlightenment to navigate this situation. 

What Are The Legal Implications Of Multiple Wills?

Multiple wills can arise due to various reasons, such as a change in circumstances, a desire to update or revoke an existing will or a lack of clarity around the distribution of assets. When there are multiple wills involved, it can create a complex and confusing situation for the executor of the estate and the beneficiaries. 

First off, the validity of each will may become questionable until the one true document is identified. A will may be invalid if it was created under duress or coercion or if the person lacked the mental capacity to make decisions when creating the will. 

Beneficiaries may contest the validity of either will, particularly if they feel they have been excluded or treated unfairly. It’s important to note that contesting a will can lead to lengthy legal proceedings and may be emotionally and financially draining.

While multiple wills complicate estate distribution, it’s not an impossible situation. If you are in this dilemma, you should stay calm and focus on your role as an executor. As legal concerns arise, it’s crucial to establish a strategic approach that won’t break the family unit. 


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