Is someone stealing your inheritance?

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There may be surprises in store when a loved one dies. These can be pleasurable ones, such as finding out your aunt left you a fortune you never knew she had. Or, they can be less pleasant.

Perhaps the most disappointing of all is finding out that a family member is trying to deceive you. Yet, it happens frequently. People throw their morals aside and steal from their families.

Estate executors and people who cared for your loved one could also do so. Yet, family members tend to have more opportunities than most,

How can people steal your inheritance?

There is a range of ways people can take what is not theirs. These include:

  • Stealing physical objects: If you look in your mom’s jewelry box and notice her favorite earrings are missing, it could mean someone has taken them. It could have happened while she was still alive or after when sorting belongings.
  • Altering documents: If you only see a photocopy of the will, you may not notice a couple of zeros deleted from the amount left to you on the original.
  • Borrowing money: if your dad lent your sister $100,000, that is his right. Yet, if it was a loan, you might she should have mentioned it to you once he died, so you can adjust the estate distribution to account for that.

It pays to do some quiet investigation before accusing someone of stealing your inheritance. The death of a loved one is an emotional time, and people may forget to mention money or items they borrowed. However, if you are sure they are stealing, legal options are available to recover what is yours, even if you never regain the trust.



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