What happens if you die without a will in Ohio?

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There are things you may put off. Scheduling dentist appointments, bringing your car in for an oil change, and getting a haircut may be things you keep putting on the back burner. While those things are generally inconsequential, creating a will is something that everyone should have.

Not having a will is essentially not having a plan. A lack of plan can leave your surviving loved ones scrambling in the event of your untimely death as a court is then in control of your estate.

Going down the line

Who the court places in charge of your estate depends on your situation. If you were married, your spouse is the first person of choice for a court for administrator if they live in Ohio. Otherwise, the court would look to your next of kin, like an adult child or sibling who lives in state.

Should the court’s initial choice decline the role of administrator, they will hold a hearing to determine an administrator. If the court cannot find a suitable candidate, they will choose a worthy resident of the state.

How soon should you create a will?

One way to leave less to chance in the event of your death is to create a will. It’s often a smart idea for you to create a will if you have married, purchased significant property like a home, or have children. You can determine everything from what happens to your vehicle to how your family pays for your funeral, and more.

Thinking about your own death may make you sad and uncomfortable, but you may find that knowing that your loved ones would have fewer stressors because you had a good plan gives peace of mind.


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