Probate litigation matters often emotional and complex

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2014 | Probate Litigation

In the wake of a loved one’s death, family members often struggle to understand and cope with their devastating loss. In cases where a loved one took steps to account for estate planning matters and executed a will or established one or more trusts, it’s important that those documents are valid and truly reflect a loved one’s wishes.

In some cases, one or more family members may have reason to believe the contents of a will or directives laid out in a trust are invalid and should not be carried out. These types of highly personal and emotional cases require both extensive legal knowledge and a proven record of success in helping family members uncover truths and obtain justice.

For many individuals, the idea that someone could or would take advantage of a loved one is difficult to imagine. This is especially the case when that someone is another family member. When an individual suspects that another family member took advantage of an ailing loved one’s diminished physical or mental state for personal profit, it’s wise to seek the opinion, advice and counsel of an attorney who handles matters related to will and trust contests, inheritance disputes and probate litigation.

Did a loved one suddenly and without notice change a will to include or exclude someone prior to his or her death? Does a will or trust heavily favor one family member over others? Were rightful heirs excluded from a will? Did a loved one make suspicious changes to beneficiary designations? Issues surrounding these types of questions are often incredibly complex and frequently pit family members against one another.

When dealing with these types of highly emotional and provocative issues, it’s important to have a trusted and aggressive advocate on your side. For Ohio residents, the attorneys at the probate litigation law firm of will fight to uncover truths and ensure that a loved one’s wishes are realized, respected and carried out.


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