Estate dispute between Disney heirs still raging

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In the face of a health crisis, many families pull together to rally around an ailing family member. For members of one famous family, however, a health crisis involving one family member has served to ignite a major legal dispute related to a multi-million dollar estate.

The late Walt Disney is best known for founding and creating what’s commonly referred to as “the happiest place on Earth”. Sadly, an estate dispute among the late Disney’s adult twin grandchildren has marred the family’s legacy as both sides continue to make nasty allegations and accusations against one another.

The bitter estate dispute started during 2009 after one of the twins, Michelle, suffered a brain aneurysm. While lying incapacitated in a hospital in California, her twin brother, Brad, attempted to move his sister to be closer to him in Arizona. At that time, the trustees to the family’s $400 million dollar estate filed a lawsuit to stop him.

Since that time, Michelle has recovered and sided with the trustees who have taken legal action to withhold Brad’s estate disbursements. The trustees cite both Brad’s alleged mental disability along with undue influence from the twins’ father, Bill, as justification for their actions. In response, attorneys for Brad and Bill have accused the trustees of manipulating

Michelle who they contend suffered permanent brain damage since suffering the aneurysm.
While this case may be unique in its players and the amount of assets at stake, many families face disputes over estate matters. Ohio residents who have questions or concerns over a will, inheritance or trust of a loved one would be wise to seek legal advice.

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